DEMO Broadfield Academy
March 1 2019

Onyx Class


Welcome to Onyx Class.

Our teachers are Mrs Bennett and Mrs Simmonds.

We are the best class in the school and we never give up! Everyone has their own place in Onyx Class because we believe in each other – believe it; build it, become it…is the school mission.

We like the Morning Dash because it gets our brains ready for the day. Our Hot Tasks enable us to see how far our learning has come.

There are many fun ways to learn in our class, for example, we have Post It notes to help us plan our writing, also, the Primary Writing Project and the opportunity to discuss and improve our work in lots of different subjects.

Our class is inclusive (everyone is welcome) encouraging us to do our best: if we find it hard we are given support.

We like playtime because it is time to go out; stretch our legs and be with our friends – after all – we have powered up our brains all morning! At lunchtime, we are able to play football or ride scooters.

Some of our class take on extra responsibilities including: assembly monitors and helping with the younger children in KS1.