DEMO Broadfield Academy
March 1 2019

Turquoise Class


Welcome to Turquoise Class

Our teachers are Mr Nanson, Mrs Cooper and Miss Hudson.

We enjoy learning at Broadfield because: we always learn new things; we learn to cope with challenges; we take pride in what we do; we never give up; we enjoy our work; our lessons are fun (most of the time); we work as a team and we are the best!

Our favourite school events are: sports day because we like to run; Broadfield talent shows; World Book Day; non uniform days; BSA events; football matches; Christmas events; School Trips and going swimming each week.

In our class, we enjoy doing science experiments, golden time, circle time, art lessons, doing drama, learning about fractions, decimals and percentages, learning new things, reading, writing stories and learning about the past.