DEMO Broadfield Academy
February 8 2019

Principal’s Welcome


“Learning is a journey, not a destination” (Hughes)

Dear Children, Parents / Carers

My name is Ms Shah and I am the Principal at Broadfield Academy.

We believe learning is a journey and would like to help you to develop your LEARNING POWER! All the adults at our school work hard to make learning fun and relevant. We strive to help you develop essential skills that you can use in school and beyond!

We believe every child should be given the best possible opportunities to succeed. We feel you should be able to cultivate your talents and gifts at school, so you can make a positive difference in the world. You all have something that you are good at and if you do not know, we will help you to find it!

We believe school is not just about getting good grades or being good at English or Maths. We know the wider world works well because different people are good at different things. That is why our learning includes lessons related to: self-development, confidence, citizenship, problem-solving, social skills, indoor and outdoor learning, sports and all other skills that support us in being capable and moral human beings.

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