Knutsford School
February 2 2015



The main aims of the maths curriculum are fluency, reasoning and problem solving. At Knutsford we plan a broad and balanced maths curriculum, increasingly integrated into our cross curricular topics, so that the children can develop these mathematical skills whilst developing an understanding of how important they are to everyday life. We also aim to offer interesting and stimulating maths challenges and problems that the children are excited by so that they can develop a love of maths for its own sake. The children will experience some maths learning and experience on most school days, whether as an individual maths lesson or as part of a topic lesson. Please support your child’s learning by discussing with them what they have learned at school, showing an interest in their homework and taking the opportunity to count with your child, help them to remember their tables and talk about maths as it occurs naturally in your lives, for instance when shopping or cooking.

Click on the links below for information about the maths curriculum in Years 1 – 6