Knutsford School
February 2 2015



We take a lively approach to humanities, believing that investigating, debating, enquiring, and dramatising will stimulate children’s interest and develop their understanding.

Our aims in geography are, to encourage in the children a spirit of curiosity and wonder about the world around them, both near and far. We expect that their growing knowledge and understanding of the immense variety of the physical geography of their own, and other places in the world, will foster a recognition that all environments should be cared for. A developing understanding of the interdependence of people and places; and opportunities to engage in problem-solving activities to encourage understanding of the effects of environmental issues – both local, national and global – will prepare the children for positive global citizenship.

We  promote cross-curricular connections between the humanities, literacy, design and technology, the arts and P.S.H.E., and regularly enjoy themed days to enhance learning and have fun.

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