Bovingdon Primary Academy
May 14 2019

Pupil Learning Council

Shree Deb

One child from each class from Year 2 to Year 6 is invited to be part of the Learning Council each year. In pairs they accompany the Leadership Team to observe lessons and give feedback on the quality of teaching and the classroom environment. This year we have looked at the teaching of literacy and how involved the children are in their lessons. Come and find out the views of the children by listening to our interactive display in the Key Stage 2 corridor.

“The Pupil Learning Council is incredibly important for the school as we help to make the learning even better. We talk with teachers about the best ways we learn and even advise on displays.”  Siya, former PLC member.

The Council

2RF Jensen
2RS Maisie
3AR Olivia
3KL Amber
4LA Jiovanni
4AB Scarlett
5SA Mei
5BW Siya
6AP James
6HW Billy